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Items I want:
Pet Pets
Mummy Baby Doglefox Warf Mong Mong Blooky
Bloopy Floud Eustabee

Cackling Negg Evil Negg Sweet Heart Negg Sliver Knight Negg Glamour Negg
Rainbow Negg Chrysaberry Surprise Easter Negg Spotted Easter Negg Lemon and Lime Easter Negg Lemon Sherbert Easter Negg
Chocolate Orange Easter Negg Strawberry Swirl Easter Negg Dancing Daisy Easter Negg Cornupepper Easter Negg Peachpa Easter Negg
Phear Easter Negg Pretty Pink Easter Negg Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg Mint Chocolate Easter Negg Faerie Queen Negg

Paint Brushes
Lost Desert Paintbrush Paintbrush of the Stars Fire Fire Your Pants on Fire Paintbrush Checkered Paint Brush Electric Blue Paint Brush
Faerie Paintbrush Shadowed Paintbrush Silver Paint Brush Stone Paintbrush Golden Paint Brush
Cloud Paint Brush

Magic Items
Amulet of the Dark Faerie Amulet of Darkness Silver Scorchstone Dark Scroll

The Big Book of Karma Starting Spells Mysterious Book

Bat Cookie Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Jack-O-Lantern Chip Cookie Spider Licorice

Toys and...
Angel Chia Plushie Lucky Die Limited Edition Devil Chia Plushie

Items I will accept in trade:
Bri Codestone Eo Codestone Har Codestone Lu Codestone Main Codestone
Mau Codestone Orn Codestone Tai-Kai Codestone Vo Codestone Zei Codestone

Dark Faerie Air Faerie Earth Faerie Fire Faerie Light Faerie
Water Faerie

Luxurious Sofa Zen Curvy Drawers Zen Rug Zen Sofa

Please Read:
1. Please do not neomail me to tell me you have one of the items on my wishlist and ask me what I will give you for it. All you will get back is a reply that asks what you want. Save us both time and trouble, and include the items and/or neopoints you would like in return for the item.

2. The items under 'things I want' are items I am actively pursuing. This means it's okay to neomail me out of the blue to talk about trading. The items under 'things I will accept in a trade' are not things I am pursuing, but things people can offer me in return for something I have in the trading post. In other words, don't neomail me to tell me you have a codestone and ask me what I will give you for it - I'll just reply and say no thank you anyway.

3. This is not a list of items I am giving away; it is a list of items I want. Please do not neomail me to ask for the things on this list.
Neomail Me:
Before you neomail me, read the section above. Then, send neomail. :)

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Can I have (insert item name here)?
A. Please don't neomail me asking me to give you things. I consider this extremely poor form, and the answer will always be 'no'. I can't stand people who beg and panhandle.

Q. Where did you get a wishlist?

A. I made it myself and put it on my free webspace at Tripod.

Q. How did you make a wishlist?
A. I made it using HTML. If you don't know HTML but want to learn it so you can make websites (like this wishlist), visit

Q. Will you make a wishlist/website/pet page/graphics for me?
A. Sorry, but no. I am too busy to build other people websites or graphics for free (I design professionally). Please don't neomail me to ask me to build you any of these things - the answer will be no, no matter what you offer me.

Q. Will you teach me HTML?
A. Again - sorry, but no. If you want to learn HTML, visit

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